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Phone: 250-338-0045 Contact Us or Call for Question

Modern Classic MC 43



Northwest Door® Modern Classic™

Now you can have the stylish appeal of a sleek and architecturally refined garage door, the Modern Classic™. The Modern Classic is a true stile and rail garage door made with an all-aluminum construction. Panel widths and heights can be configured to meet your requirements. Choose from glass or aluminum panels, painted or anodized finish, regardless of your choices the Modern Classic’s beauty will last a lifetime and is virtually maintenance free.

Model: MC 43

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Windows: Full Vision Lites
  • Window Top: Standard
  • Glass Type: Clear
  • Door Finish: Clear Anodized
  • Building Style: Siding
  • Door Size: Single Car Door(s)
  • Photo ID: 704
  • Manufacturer: Northwest Door, LLC – Northwest Door®