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After Hours: 604-781-8984 Contact Us or Call for Question

Habitat Screens



Block the sun, not your view!

Talius energy-efficient Habitat Screens™

are designed to provide superior solar protection, mitigate UV damage and optimize thermal comfort.

Easy to see through and completely retractable, Habitat Screens™ create a cool, comfortable environment without sacrificing your view.

Energy-efficient Habitat Screens™ provide superior solar protection.

  • Reduce heat gain by blocking the sun before it reaches the window surface.
  • Conserve energy and lower your carbon footprint without the need for mechanical cooling.
  • Save on heating and cooling costs.

Regulate indoor temperatures easily with environmental sensors to automatically lower and raise your screens without a thought.
Ask your Talius dealer.

Superior performance and style

Manufactured from carefully selected materials, Talius Habitat Screens create a superior solar protection solution that will enhance your lifestyle for years to come.


  • 5” aluminum panel box and guide rails
  • Exterior rated fabrics
  • Stainless steel components
  • Manual, motorized and remote control
  • Compatible with home/building automation products
  • Optional environmental sensors

Frame components are available in 5 stock colours or 1800 custom colours to match your decor perfectly

Our Fabrics

Specifically designed for exterior use, our fabrics are durable and easy to maintain. They are offered in a variety of colours and weave densities to suit the exact amount of solar protection you prefer.

To select the right fabric for you, refer to the solutions and applications chart below.