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Rollshutters by Talius

Storm protection, security and energy savings rolled into one solution.

Protect your property against mother nature’s harshest elements and take the worry out of storms and flying debris.

Secure your property against would-be intruders and deter vandalism with our specially designed security shutters.

Save on heating and cooling costs.

Proven to reduce on-demand energy use, rollshutters are ideal if you are looking for an energy-efficient solution.

Insulated profiles block the sun in warm seasons and trap heat indoors during cold seasons.

Custom-made rollshutters combine purpose with appearance!

Talius rollshutters protect your windows and, more importantly, what is behind them.

Strong, secure, and durable, they glide easily into place when you need them and retract into a convenient overhead box when you don’t.


  • Insulated aluminum profiles, with aluminum housing and frame
  • Stainless steel components
  • Manual, motorized and remote control
  • Compatible with home/building automation products
  • Optional environmental sensors

Innova Doors offers a variety of Talius rollshutter solutions to suit all your needs.

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