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Arm actuator that can be used for large pillars. Safe, strong, reliable, noiseless, with key release.

Size max. leaf: 1.6 meters

Version: 230V ac or 12V dc

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Gear-motors for outdoor use, for the automation of swing gates with leaves up to 1,6 meters each.

Suitable for big dimensioned pillars with maximal distance between the hinges’ axis and the gate’s corner of 30 cm.

Easy guided installation, with adjustable accessories and brackets. Incorporated release key.

Pivoted arm transmission adjustable and anti-shearing safety.

The perfect integration of its components ensures the greatest quietness.

It is designed for a residential use by using a die-casting structure made of quality aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and steel.

The fluid-grease lubrication system and the built-in thermic protection ensure a long-lasting working life.

Technicals data 2 variations available
Power supply 230V ac – 50/60 Hz 12V dc
Current 1.2 – 1.7 Amp 0.7 – 9.5 Amp
Condenser 10 µF
Thermic protection / insulation 135°C
Protection degree
Time switches /

opening time

18 sec.
Limit switches 2 – Electr.
Pressure 280 N 150 N
Operation Domestic
Motor rounds 1400 g/m 1500 g/m
Structure Aluminium
Max torque 80 Nm 32 Nm
Operating temperature –20 + 40 C°
Working cycles 40% 80%
Reductio ratio
 Weight of operator 9,5 Kg
Door (weight and max lenght) 1,60 mt 1 mt
Measures (lenght x widht x height)
Emergency release yes
Lubrication Oil