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Irreversible operator for sliding gate. Fan cooled motor for intensive use. Life lubricated.
High performance. Incorporated control unit and manual release.

Maximum weight of the gate: 1.300 / 1.500 Kg
Version: 230 V – 400 V

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Compact and easy to install operator. Equipped with electrical limit switches and control unit with slowdown and reverse on obstacles. Carter in ABS with handle and key for the manual release or metallic carter of big dimension (MR300/CRM99). Optional external manual release and key (EPAC-6).

Technicals data 2 variations available
Power supply 230V ac – monofase – 50/60 Hz 400V ac – trifase – 50/60 Hz
Current 1.3 Amp 1,1 Amp
Output 300 Watt 370 Watt
Condenser 12,5 Mf
Thermic protection / insulation Classe F
Protection degree
Time switches / opening time 9 ml/min. ÷ (pig. M = 4 Z17)
Limit switches Electr.
Spinta 350 N 800 N
Funzionamento Intensivo
Rounds motor 1.400 g/min.
Rounds axis 42/min.
Control incorporated SLIDY/I
(Optional = MR300/CRM99)
(Optional = MR300/CRM99)
Senza centrale SLIDY/S SLIDY/T
Max torque 12 Nm 30 Nm
Operating temperature –20 + 70 C°
Working cycles 80%
Reductio ratio
Weight of operator 19 Kg
30 Kg (MR300/CRM99)
20 Kg
31 Kg (MR300/CRM99)
Gate (max weight) max. 1.300 Kg max. 1.500 Kg
Measures (lenght x widht x height)
Emergency release yes
Lubrication Grasso speciale