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After Hours: 604-781-8984 Contact Us or Call for Question

Kit CAS3


Technicals Data:

  • Operator 230Vac not reversible
  • Two models: CAS2B (600 N) and CAS3 (1200 N)
  • Transmission by chain with 3 m rail
  • Control panel included with radioreceiver and aerial
  • Cover in ABS with courtesy light
  • Manual device
  • External device with cable optional
  • Electric rotative limit switch with soft-stop
  • Safety anti-crushing with obstacle reverse

Set garage operator trolley for garage doors or sectional.


1 CAS3

Operator chaine power draught 120 kg for door height 2,7 m. Incorporated control box. Automatic closing, reverse on obstacle and final slow speed. Radio receiver incorporated


Radio transmitter 2 channels with dip-switch 433 MHz

1 ER/LG12

Klinking 12 V


Panel advertisement

1 EC180E

Set infrared photocells surface 12-24V, 10 m range, 180° orientable


  • CAS/P
    Extension chain and rail 1 m
    Manual external device by cable to connect to the to the handle’s door
  • CAS/BT
    Telescopic arm used on the counterbalanced doors