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Phone: 250-338-0045 Contact Us or Call for Question



Road Barrier or Parking Barrier: electromechanical and automatic, irreversible, integrated and wired control unit. Painted frame with cataphoresis.


Covering and finishing:

– Painted aluminium (RAL colour)

– Stainless steel


Arms: max. 6 meters

Opening time: 8 seconds


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Private Label

Barrier painting
RAL colour







  • Supporting frame in tubular steel and electro-galvanized.
  • Perimetral panels in prepainted aluminum 12/10 thickness. Cover in black plastic colour with built-in LED or metallic cover.
  • Anodized aluminum arm with red reflective stickers bands.
  • Transmission with tooth belt and steel screw with bushing self-lubricating material and anti-friction.
  • Adjustable and built-in opening/closing limit switches.
  • Emergency handle system for manual operation. Electronic control board incorporated and pre-wired.

    Single or double skirt skirts
    Signal light
    Articulated, rounded, rectangular arm, with LED or custom
    D.C. model 24V
    RFID, solar panel


Dati tecnici BM94
Power supply 230V a.c. – 50/60 Hz
Current 1.2 Amp
Output 200 Watt
Condenser 10 Mf
Thermic protection / insulation
Protection degree
Time switches / opening time 8 sec.
Limit switches
Funzionamento Intensivo
Rounds motor
Rounds axis
Control incorporated
Senza centrale
Max torque 280 Nm
Operating temperature –20 + 70 C°
Working cycles
Reductio ratio
Weight of operator 50 Kg
Dimensione asta 80 x 30 x 2
Lunghezza asta 6 mt max.
Emergency release