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After Hours: 604-781-8984 Contact Us or Call for Question

Foldy BB


Arm actuator can be used for large pillars. Compact, safe, resistant, reliable and with universal plate right and left.

Size max. leaf: 4 meters

Version: 230V ac

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Operator 230v singlephase with articulated arm for swing-gates max 400 kg. And big pillars. Opening max 120°. Compact and easy to install with the universal mounting plate for the right and left. Strong aluminium gear-box and beautiful carter in ABS.

Reliable, long life lubrication and thermal protector in the motor. Secure, the reducer is self locking, with a special manual release.

Optional on demand: reversible type, without self-locking (necessary install an electrolock on the leaf).

Technicals data3 variations available
Power supply230V ac – 1 phase – 50/60 Hz
Current1.2 (1.6) Amp1.2 (1.4) Amp1.2 Amp
Output360 Watt

1400 rpm

330 Watt
900 rpm
330 Watt
900 rpm
Condenser10 μF (12,5 μF)10 μF
Thermic protection / insulation135° / Class F
Protection degree43 IP
Time switches /

opening time

90° / 13 sec. ~
120° / 18 sec. ~
90° / 19 sec. ~
120° / 27 sec. ~
90° / 8 sec. ~
120° / 10 sec. ~
Limit switchesElectromechanical
Rounds axis1,2 g/m0,76 g/m1,96 g/m
Max torquemax. 350 (450) Nmmax. 200 Nm
Operating temperature–20 + 70 C°
Working cycles50%
Reductio ratio0,001 (1:1178)0,002 (1:458)
Weight of operator11 Kg
Door (weight and max. lenght)
Measures (lenght x width x height)360 x 181,5 x 168 mm
Emergency releaseint. / ext.